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about itarget:

Wedding sound system set-up

Hey there! Welcome, please come in!

We are iTarget Events. We provide lights and sound system, audio visual and stage equipment rentals and bands.


We’re mean and serious business owners.

We mean serious business.

                                                        ~The Husband~                                                ~The Wife~ 

And we can only keep that serious face for less than a minute! Hello again! We are iTarget Events and ours is a seriously crazy husband and wife partnership.  This is our story.







The husband is a drummer and the wife is a jill of all trades (trying to master at least 3?) We met in college, one fateful night and has been happily loving (and fighting) each other in business and in marriage ever since. We share the task of running the business and taking care of the family at the same time. Our tandem has given birth to three beautiful wonderful earthlings.

This business started with the husband, the drummer. He had been gigging around the metro, booking his band and his fellow musicians to clients who were in need of musical entertainment for their parties or corporate events. This was back in 2005. Fast forward 2007 and husband had an AHA moment. At that time, husband was already a responsible business owner of a talent booking agency (as required by a big client of his. Hint: the biggest mall chain in the Philippines). Since bands would always require a sound system for their events, he thought, why not expand and include that in his offerings as well? And that’s exactly what he did. Buy a sound system set, transported them from parking lot to venue in a grocery cart (first set-up was in the said big client mall) and that was the start of a new beginning.

The business grew (thank you Lord!) slowly but steadily. Job requirements for organizing events, booking big name artists, event styling started coming in and husband can no longer handle everything. So the need for the wife to interfere has come. Her job description: serve a decent breakfast to husband every morning and to take care of all the odd jobs that come their way - from event conceptualization, to climbing the ladder to hang drapes to marketing and collections – definitely a jill of all trades (trying to master at least 2?).

All accomplishments are authored by the One and Only, our Lord God Almighty. That Guy’s so great He sent the handsomest , most hardworking boys our way . These are the people that create the magic in iTarget Events.

The Good Boys of Pasig:

  • Richard Wenceslao

  •  Louie Rosette

  • Richard Decena

  • John Reynan Letrodo

  •  Kenneth Reyes

  • Timothy James Arellano IV

El Extranjeros (galing sa dako pa roon):

  • Mark Verias

  • Rowel Asis

  • Jun Dela Cruz

  • Marvin Gorembalem

The Mushrooms (susulpot-lilitaw):

  • Daryl Romorosa

  • DanDan Abrajano

  • Ryan 

  • Erol

  • Mcmack Sese

  • Emay De Jesus

The Pioneers:

  • Randy Roxas

  • Jessy Lampong

  • Michael Ibutnade

  • Itchan Roxas

  • Eme Valloso

  • Richard Ras


Our mission is to cater to as many events as our resources would allow us to serve, so we can create jobs for those who need it and at the same time provide for our family’s needs. Big or small, jolog or sosyal, we will service your event while continuously maintaining excellence and professionalism at all times.

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